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Nowadays electric and solar power fencing has been used in Agriculture, Industrial, Forestry and Plantation sectors. Electric fencing can provide safe and secure boundaries for permanent or semi-permanent applications at a cost lower than conventional fences. We manufacture and supply wide range of solar and electric fencing products and solar zatka machines with best quality and at a very reasonable cost.

Solar Fence Energizers

The Solar Fence Energizer is the heart of your fencing system, chosen and installed correctly it will control all types of animals.

Security Fence Energizers

The Security fencing system is one of the best methods for protection of crops and property from thefts and animal damages..

Automatic Battery Charger

The intelligent auto-on/auto cut off battery charger save energy during the nights as well as cloudy days and extend your battery life.

Fence Voltage Alarm Systems

The smart fence voltage alarms are monitor effective voltage on the fence at all times and generating an alarm any time an array is cut, shorted or grounded.

Device Automation

GSM based automation control systems are becoming popular these days. Here we introducing some of automation devices for your fence energizers.

Testing Equipment & Insulators

Our Testing Equipment and Solar Fence Insulators are help you to manage your fencing and energizers.

About us

Crown Power Fencing Systems is a three decade old company in the field of manufacturing crown solar fencing and electric fencing equipments and accessories. A pioneer in India in the field of electric fencing we have a large & diverse group of satisfied customers all over the nation.

What we do?

We Manufacture electric fence energizers, battery chargers & other fence accessories.

We provide fence design/suggestions to individual customers based on their requirement & budget.

Highly qualified technical team to provide on-time service


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