Electric fence tensioners and tightners ensure your electric fence line is highly effective. We manufacture and supply wide range of Line Tension Spring, Permanent Wire Tightner and Tightener Tool for your electric fence.

Line Tension Spring

Line Tension Spring Manufacturer & Supplier is Crown Power Fencing Systems

Line Tension Springs are used to maintain adequate tension in the electric fence, and also used on the top line of the fence to prevent damage if the fencing is done with coconut trees as posts.


Permanent Wire Tightner

Permanent Wire Tightner Manufacturer & Supplier is Crown Power Fencing Systems

Permanent Wire Tightners are manufactured by pressure die casting process using LM6 grade aluminium alloy. It is strong and light weight. It is used to tighten fence wires and maintain adequate tension. No need to cut fence wire, just slip this permanent tightner over the wire and turn.

Tightener Tool

Tightener Tool Manufacturer & Supplier is Crown Power Fencing Systems

Professional tool to use with permanent wire tightner for electric fence. It helps to install the permanent wire tightner to your electric fence in a fast and easy way.








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